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Discover the perfect blend of opulence and sustainability. With a passion for quality and functionality, we strive to create innovative designs that enhance your travel experience. Know that your contribution resonates with the harmony of the Earth.

Empowered by values, achieving together


For animals, for the planet and most importantly our customers


Whatever we do, we will constantly try to get better and aim to be the best in the world


Honesty in product, honesty in effort, honesty in service and honesty with oneself


We aim to leave the world a more positive place than we found it


Empathy towards colleagues, customers, and most importantly towards the animals


Give it your all and then surrender it to the flow of the universe

Our Founders

Capt. Vivek Baherwani

Been a full time airline pilot for over a decade. With a keen eye for detail and a creative side to his personality brings with him a peculiar taste of International design and aesthetics gathered as he travelled around the world.

Pravin Jethwani

As a key player in Trivid, Pravin seamlessly manages the entire operations, ensuring efficiency, quality, and excellence in every process. With a sharp eye for detail and a strategic mindset, he flawlessly orchestrate the intricate workings of the company